You are on a Caribbean vacation yachting with friends. You are taken by surprise as ruthless pirates storm your vessel and take you hostage. You are now helplessly locked in the brig. In the middle of the night, the ship slams into a reef. The pirates panic and flee for their lives. You have 1 hour to find the hidden treasure among the ship before it sinks to the ocean floor!!! Do you have what it takes? 

The King is dead! It was your birthright to inherit the throne. However, your evil brother and a few corrupt guards have exiled you from the Kingdom. Even though there are strict orders to kill you if caught in the castle, you've taken your chances and made it back to the Kings study undetected. In 60 minutes, can you find proof of your birthright and escape before the guards return?

The Pirates Wreck Room

Level of difficulty: 8/10

.Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your  scheduled time.

In Pursuit of the Throne

Level of difficulty: 7/10